October 26, 2010

Cooking with Love, for Love

Love. Everyone loves love. It feels good. I'm convinced it tastes good, too. I firmly believe that if you cook with love--love for what you're making and who you're cooking for--then your food tastes better. You know how food is portrayed in the story of Like Water for Chocolate, where the main character infuses her food with her emotions? When she cries into the soup, those eating the soup soon find themselves in tears? Or when she cooks with great passion, her food becomes an intense aphrodisiac? It's like that. Just without the high drama and tragedy.

Lately I've felt an abundance of love and joy (I think this naturally comes with being a newlywed, and especially when one feels she's one lucky lady), and I'm convinced it's the primary reason why everything I cook lately turns out delicious. The best recent example: this gorgeous dish I made for my amazing husband, food stylist, and photographer extraordinaire. Upon tasting the completed dish, I couldn't help myself from stating decisively, "This is the best thing I've ever made!" And I believe it's true. But I also believe that it's due not only to the fact that it's a great recipe, but also that I worked a lot of love into that braise and risotto. I love you, Galen!